Keys To The HCG Diet Plan

Deciding that you are ready to make the choice to improve your health and lose unwanted weight is one step in the right direction. The next steps is to take the time to plan out your meals and begin to take your HCG as is recommended based on your weight loss goals. Doing this will not necessarily be easy at first, but in time you will find that it becomes habit.

In order to be prepared for the diet plan you will need to have a notebook on hand for when you prepare your meals so that you can take note of what you ate. You will also want to have the specifics of the diet on hand as well. Finally, to ensure accuracy with the weights of the foods that you will be measuring you will want to have a food scale on hand. Having these three items on hand during your food prepping will greatly help to increase the success you will see as it makes it easier to stick to the plan.

One of the hardest parts of the plan is that you must consume 500 calories or less each day. Considering that you are likely used to eating 2000 calories or more each day, this can seem nearly impossible. In reality, most people consume a great deal of empty calories, such as junk food items and sweets. Simply removing these two items from your diet can cut your caloric intake in half.

The next thing that you must stick to is the restricted list of approved foods. There are likely things on that list that you do not enjoy, but as long as you replace them with other items inside the same category you are fine. For example, you may not enjoy fish, which is a prime item allowed for proteins, but as long as you do like chicken you can simply use chicken as your primary source of protein.

You can have up to 200 grams of proteins per day, but should only have 100 grams in each meal. You want to be sure that you trim any fat that may be present and remove it from the bone before eating. This helps to reduce the calories that you will consume.

When it comes to vegetables the list is much longer, but you still need to stick to it. You should consume two cups of vegetables per day, with one cup per meal. Do not each all of your vegetables in one sitting. It is key to stick to the plan. When it comes to fruits you can not start them until you have reached phase 2, but once you do you have can 2 cups per day of fruit that is on the approved list.

Sticking to the HCG diet plan is essential for your success. It helps to restart your metabolism as well as reinforce healthy eating habits. As long as you follow the diet plan you will see the results that you desire in very little time.

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