What Is the Macrobiotic Diet?

There are many different diet options and when you stick to one particular plan, you may find that you are losing weight consistently. The problem is, not every plan is going to work for every individual so sometimes, it is more about choosing a proven plan that works well for your lifestyle. One of those possibilities is the macrobiotic diet and you will be happy to know that this diet is not all about losing pounds, it’s about balancing your life in the best way possible. When you follow the macrobiotic diet, you will be healthier, happier and have a possibility of living a longer life.

One of the differences in the macrobiotic diet is the type of food that is typically eaten. For those of you who enjoy eating vegetables, grains and an occasional bowl of soup, you’re going to absolutely love what this diet brings to the table. In fact, up to 60% of what you eat on a daily basis is going to be whole grains that are organically grown. Some of those options include corn, brown rice, millet, barley, and oats.

Something else that you will eat regularly in the diet are locally grown vegetables. In fact, about 30% of the food that you eat on a daily basis is going to consist of vegetables. It doesn’t matter what type of vegetables you eat for the most part, but it does matter that they are locally grown. In that way, you are staying in the seasons and allowing your body to adjust to the world as it is going on around you.

With 30% of what you eat being vegetables and 60% being grains, that leaves about 10% to make up the remainder of your diet. The vast majority of that 10% is going to be legumes but there may be any number of different bean related products that can be eaten as well. These include miso and tofu. A wide variety of seaweed and other sea vegetables can also be included in this 10%.

For those who have a taste for occasional meat, you can eat seafood and fresh fish but it is better if it is from your local area. In addition, you can add in a few nuts, some fruit, and pickles if they are from your local area as well.

In addition to knowing what you can eat, you also need to know what you cannot eat. Some of the things that are off limits include eggs, dairy, refined sugar, poultry, processed foods, fruit juice and tropical fruits. You are also not going to be able to eat any vegetables from the nightshade category.

One other factor that makes the macrobiotic diet work is drinking enough water. You will drink anytime that you feel thirsty because that is the body’s natural reaction to dehydration. An occasional glass of wine can be added, although it is better if you just stick with water.

The macrobiotic diet has helped many people to gain balance and that includes a significant amount of weight loss in some cases. If it is a diet that seems to fit well in your lifestyle, it may work for you.

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